The Benefits of Borage Oil

Borage oil, the little blue star shaped flower, is fast gaining popularity amongst the medical profession for its various benefits. Touted for alleviating eczema, psoriasis, balancing hormones and helping with weight loss, swallowing a daily 1000mg capsule (or alternatively a generous drizzling of drcecilia blend oils, available at is enough to turn embarrassing flaky skin into touchable smoothness and keep your mood swings in check.

The active ingredient in this miracle essential fatty acid is Gamma-Linoleic (GLA) – essential for producing natural anti-inflammatories, such as prostaglandins. The hormone-like substance is what our bodies crave for protecting our skin and hair and increasing energy. Below are some of the benefits of Borage oil:

  • For Losing weight

    Borage oil is well known to reduce intestinal inflammation and improving permeability of nutrients. Diana was convinced she needed to sort out her intestine by improving the absorption of the vitamins and minerals important to speed up her metabolism and lose weight. Her Omega 6 levels were very low. She started to take Borage oil in capsules but found that after a while felt taking capsules was a chore. She came across dr.cecilia Borage blend oils and decided to take them. Within several weeks, she lost weight. She has managed to lose half stone in few months by keeping a strict diet, along with consuming drcecilia’s mouth watering borage oils.

  • For skin

    Susan has been keen on using oils for her skin to keep healthy, she has try other oils like jojoba, almond but when she heard about borage oil taking orally she went for it. Her skin is plump and glowing. She recommends the formulas that can be mixed with the food created by drcecilia – the variety of flavours add more pleasure to taking nutrients and everybody complements her on her nice skin.

  • For hair

    Borage oil reduces inflammation, even if it’s applied topically. The fatty acid can stimulate hair growth because of its anti-inflammatory properties and simultaneously moisturises the hair shafts.

    Tina was losing a lot of hair and in spite of many hair products it remained thin. She heard about borage oil that comes from plants and decided to have a go. She has noticed the difference to her hair, which is thicker and shinier.

  • For depression/adrenal fatigue

    Borage oil supports the adrenal glands, helping them relax from producing excess adrenaline.

    Mark has noticed that he finds it easier to concentrate and feels more focus and can work longer hours since he introduced a blend of omega 3 and 6 into his diet.

  • For strengthening the Immune System

    Borage oil helps to improve the body defences against infections from virus, bacteria, and fungus.

    Lynn always catched any virus going around every winter. After introducing healthier nutrition habits, alongside taking drcecilia’s borage oil, she noticed the difference in terms of energy and fitness and she hasn’t had more colds. She no longer dreads winters!

  • For achy muscles and joints

    Mary has always loved the physical challenge of the country life. She has been running a farm with her husband for more than 40 years. In spite of her amazing fitness, her joints began to play havoc with her mobility and was put on the waiting list for a knee replacement. A recent check she had, revealed she was low on Omega 6 specially GLA and DHA which are essential for the body to produce natural anti-inflammatories. She was advised to take Borage oil: within weeks her pain disappeared and she recovered her mobility.

  • For Lowering Cholesterol

    Charles, a successful 46 year old businessman had been under a lot of stress and during a routine medical check found his cholesterol and triglycerides ( It is a fat result of eating too much sugar) were very high. He had put on a lot of weight, particularly around the waist. He was afraid of taking statins as he has heard about its side effects. He found dr. Cecilia oils rich in borage and within 3 months his cholesterol lowered significantly.

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